Blades Oblique

Session 4: Going Under

The Rutting Cocksman Tavern (“The RC”) had been burned down with Bazso Baz’ lieutenant Pickett inside. The Goon Squad had ushered the Lampblack thugs Finn and Fane into their armored carriage, holding them in the hope that Bazso would remain in the dark about what happened a bit longer. Many buildings had been burned down in the Brigade’s arson spree, perhaps The RC was one of them. The Goon Squad formed an alliance with The Dark Cloud and they both needed more time to marshall their resources before the inevitable war with the Lampblacks.

The blacksmith’s shop on The Dark Cloud’s turf was also burned down. The one with the master blacksmith, Hanspeter, who was being urged to come out of retirement. He had been the Crow’s top Cutter before falling for a woman that pushed him to go legit and return to his original profession as a blacksmith. With the Crows still holed up in their tower and their territory being encroached on by both The Red Sashes and The Lampblacks, the word on the street is that they need Hanspeter to go back into action…

The explosion in Charterhall is still in the news. The Iruvians have sent for some “specialists” to come find out what really happened as they don’t trust the local investigation and a ship from Iruvia is on its way.

The Red Sashes have made it clear that they are the ward boss that The Dark Cloud now needs to kick funds up to and the crew obliges as they aren’t looking to make more enemies.

One thing is clear, The Dark Cloud needs coin if they are going to rise in stature and equip themselves for war. The crew decides to pull off one of the heists that Rope had planned: the missing cup and saucer from the KASAVAR TEA SET. A family heirloom. When the Immortal Emperor visited Akoros four centuries ago, he used this tea set with the patriarch of the Kasavar family. They are still one of the most decorated and entrenched
military families in Duskwall. Their tea set is a symbol of Duskwall’s prominence. However, a saucer and a cup from the set are missing. This stuff is priceless to the family and Rope obtained a lead on their location: one of the underground lairs of Batty-Fang. These lairs are connected by underground canals which the crew uses for their human trafficking operation.

Crew Status
Post Session 4

Dark Cloud current stats:
Tier 1
0 rep
7 xp
1 heat
4 coin

Note: Every time the crew advances (xp), each PC gets 1 stash (2 per crew Tier) as a bonus payment, to represent pro ts generated by the crew as they’ve been operating. So you should each add 1 coin to your stash.

Previously gained the special ability: Crow’s Veil

Faction Status:
The Goon Squad: +3
Cult of the Maw of the Void: +2
The Fog Hounds: +1
The Gondoliers: +2
The Hive: +1 (was 0)
The Crows: +1
The Red Sashes: +1
The Weeping Lady: +1 (was 0)

Bluecoats: -1
Ulf Ironborn: -1
The Grinders: -1(was 0)
The Brigade: -1
The Iruvian Consulate: -2
The Cabbies: -2

Now at war with:
The Lampblacks: -3
Batty-Fang: -3

Outstanding entanglement: Gang Trouble

Session 3 : Tricks and Traps
Where the Lamplax tried to shut us down

- The Trap from the Lamplax
Dials, Saw and Rope went to meet Picket, the lieutenant of Bazobaz in a tavern to get paid for the hit for the Iruvian Embassy.
Short things shorts, it was a trap, they wanted to get rid of us all. Picket, a fake bartender/real killer, a cat and a pair of twins thugs.
In the melee, Saw killed his nemesis the bartender, and put the building in flames. Dials was possessed by a ghost that was in the cat. Rope shot Picket and salvaged a chest with coins and insects.
Also the gang of the Goon’s Squad jumped in, and took over the remaining Lamplax killers., saved Saw from the flames and exorcised Dials’ ghost.
We decided to do an alliance with Rip Frankle of the Goon’s on the spot against the Lamplax.

- The Firebrigade misdirections
In the coming days, we figured that the series of arson in the district was linked to the Lamplax. They paid the gang of the firebrigade to “set” fire to some places to cover all traces. We suspected that our place, or the Library from our contact will be a target.
We got some insight from the captured twins, and prepare a mission to protect the library.
We intercepted the messenger passing the list of targets from the Lamplax to the Firebrigade, and replace the list by other buildings, including some of the Lamplax storage places.
The plan worked well, we redirected the danger, and caused trouble between the 2 allies, then looted the burned places.

Result of the hit and downtime:
- we are getting buddy buddy with the Goons, it may not be pleasant for Hole.
- we got a a bunch of coins, the crew vault is full. We will need some more to trigger a tier advancement. (tier 1 will be nice)
- we could change the crew reputation from " professional" to “not to be fucked with”
- also Rope completed a side project plan for an Antique/Art Heist, it may be a future mission.
- Saw needed some stitches from glass explosions in the bar.

By the way...

Your contact at the Sanitarium, Orlin the Orderly, has housed the stray draftgoat in the facility’s stables. Orlin has taken a liking to the draftgoat and uses him as a paper shredder, feeding him old medical records.

The Winds of War

Just as the terrific storms that have assailed the city for weeks subside, fires break out in multiple locations throughout Crow’s Foot, Silkshore, and The Docks. 

The carriage explosion in Charterhall still dominates the newspapers. A rumour is spreading that The Crows are behind it.  One of the victims has been tied to The Red Sashes and the word is that the Crows recruited a new and previously unknown crew of assassins to perform the hit in retaliation for The Sashes recent attacks on their turf.  Inspector Smike is leading the investigation.

Rope was contacted by Pickett, Bazso Baz’ (the leader of The Lampblacks) lieutenant, to set up a meeting for payment on the Iruvian score and tells her that they have another job for The Dark Cloud. They asked that the crew meet them at “The Rutting Cocksman,” a dive in The Docks that The Lampblacks recently took over from The Crows. It turned out to be a hit job, pure and simple…

Rope, Dials, and The Saw went to the location even though they were a bit suspicious. Mal was preoccupied in his makeshift laboratory and Vlad was still off with Stiv Bator.
The bar was mostly empty except for Pickett and two Lampblack toughs Finn and Fane, twins who are told apart by the tattoo of their name on their cheek. There was one lone patron sitting at the bar who Sutton recognized as Lady Rosy Bothways, a drag queen who performs at The Slip. Sutton chatted with her a moment before they sat down at a table with Pickett.

Pickett immediately expressed concern why the whole crew wasn’t present. He did place a satchel on the table with the payment for the Iruvian score but asked that they go get Mal and The Hole and bring them there. The bartender brought a pitcher of beer and Rope became even more suspicious by the bartender’s manner and dress. He seemed to be trying to hide something. Sutton went back to the bar and asked Lady Rosy if she knew the bartender and also offered her some of their beer. She hadn’t seen the bartender there before but gladly helped herself to some beer before breaking out in song. A large, fat cat appeared from the basement stairs and jumped on an empty table. Lady Rosy mentioned that Pickett is known for having a “bad case of surly.”

Pickett became even more surly when no other than Rip Frankell and an accomplice from The Goon Squad came in the door. Seems as though Rip had a thirst to quench, and perhaps, wanted to scope out the new ownership of The Rutting Cocksman. Pickett yelled at him to “go back to fuck bag Coalridge,” but Rip ignored the request. The Saw stepped up to Rip to repeat the request in a more forceful manner. Rip backed off and sent his man to “get some smokes,” but he stayed in the bar. Finn and Fane took positions at the doors to make sure there would be no more disturbances and to control the exits…

Sutton suggested that they move to the bar’s private room and he, Rope, and Pickett did so while Saw took greater notice of the bartender. Rip made some remark about Pickett being a “pig fucker” and that it isn’t a good idea to go into a back room with a “pig fucker.”

The bartender looked very familiar to Saw. He then recognized him as Mercy, a cold killer with a vendetta against Saw. Mercy knew he had been identified and grabbed the blunderbuss behind the bar. The Saw flung the mugs on the bar against the back wall smashing the bottles of booze and causing the shelf and the stuffed river eel attached to it to come crashing down. The large stuffed eel’s body pinned Mercy’s back leg and caused him to shoot his blunderbuss into the ceiling. Some of the shattering glass caught Saw in the face. An excited Rip Frankell jumped up on his table and started throwing beer glasses at Mercy.

Hearing this, Sutton leaped up to see what happened but Pickett drew two pistols and told him and Rope not to move. Sutton ignored him and went for the door. Pickett shot at Sutton but missed barely as Sutton crashed through the door. Finn and Fane were now standing outside with blackjacks in hand. Rope put her hands in the air and didn’t offer resistance while she approached closer to Pickett in an attempt get into position to use her concealed palm pistol but the pistol initially dropped from her grasp onto the floor. She went to grab it and was shot by Pickett but his gun jammed. She picked up the gun, put it to Pickett’s head, and executed him.

Sutton was able to use his acrobatic skills to tumble past Finn and Fane but was slowed by the lock on the entryway to the street. He stared at the cat as he paused. He had heard some random comments from within the bar and couldn’t figure out where they had come from. As he shook his head and went for the door again, mist shot from the cat’s face and a ghostly figure sprung forth and grabbed at Sutton’s jaw pushing its ectoplasmic essence down his throat. Sutton was so shocked that he could not react but ran to escape through the door.

Saw took advantage of Mercy’s prone position by dropping a small formaldehyde molitov cocktail behind the bar that lit up both the spilled alcohol and Mercy. Lady Rosy slipped out the back door as smoke spread through the building.

The fire and smoke were getting to Rope and she moved to try to escape through a window. She caught site of a strong box and was caught between her desire to grab it and her need to flee the fire. Her desire for worldly goods won out and she snatched the box but missed her opportunity to flee out the window.

Sutton ran into the Goon Squad who were coming in the door that he was running out of. The thug that Rip sent for smokes had gotten reinforcements. They were just in time as Saw succumbed to smoke inhalation, Rope was going to have to face Finn and Fane, and Sutton was possessed. Finn and Fane surrendered at the sight of the overwhelming Goon Squad force. There was a Whisper with them and he had trouble dealing with the spirit that possessed Sutton. It was clearly a powerful ghost. Ultimately, he was able to free Sutton from its grasp but he could not stop the spirit from escaping.

Rip Frankell and the Goons hustled the twins into their carriage. He suggested that the Dark Cloud and the Goon Squad have a pow wow at their headquarters in Coalridge. The enemy of my enemy is my friend he pointed out, and he thought it a good idea to team up against the Lampblacks…

The Saw and Rope decided that stopping the Brigade from burning down Lydra Scandlin’s building was an urgent matter that they had to take on themselves. Sutton slept through this score as he was still a bit delirious from being possessed. They were able to make use of the Spider’s skills to plant false documents that redirected some of the arson targets. Instead of Lydra’s shop in Silkshore, the Brigade burned down a billiards hall owned by the Lampblacks. The Saw scoured a few of the burnt out buildings. Not clear what he was looking for, but he was able to recover some coin.

The Saw was also able to obtain a temporary asset from the Cult of the Maw of the Void in the form of some cultist acolytes to act as thugs for the crew for the next score.

Rope was then able to finish one of her long term projects and discovered some targets for a heist. Several new and never before seen glass sculptures by Fowls have entered the market. These are very valuable pieces and Rope has identified where they are being kept and some potential buyers.
She also learned of the KASAVAR TEA SET. A family heirloom. When the Immortal Emperor visited Akoros four centuries ago, he used this tea set with the patriarch of the Kasavar family. They are still one of the most decorated and entrenched
military families in Duskwall. Their tea set is a symbol of Duskwallk’s prominence. However, a saucer and a cup are missing. This stuff is priceless to the family and Rope has a lead on their location.

Session 2 : Real life explosions
The Dark Cloud aims high

As the storm surge results in flooded streets with canal boats replacing carts in many areas and while the wind and rain make travel difficult, The Dark Cloud takes advantage of the adverse conditions with a bold plan…

Baszo Baz of The Lampblacks hired the crew to kill Mylera Klev’s contact at the Iruvian Consulate, who’s been funneling money from the Iruvian government to the The Red Sashes to keep them going. Her name is Syla Torravesta and she is a functionary at the consulate. Baszo had an additional requirement for the job: No one living or dead can know who killed her.

Bazso has told the crew that Mylera had Roric killed as she has confederates in The Crows who will side with The Red Sashes against the Lampblacks now that Roric is gone. Soner Elvie of The Red Sashes; however, told the crew that The Crows second in command, Lyssa, had Roric killed as she has made a deal with Bazso Baz to split the district between them.

The Iruvian Consulate is located in a large manor house in Charterhall. It is decorated with Iruvian tapestries, rugs, and artifacts. In addition to offices, conference rooms, and quarters, there is a small ballroom, chapels, kitchen, and stores. There are no electric lights, only torches and lanterns. Activities at the Consulate include lectures, visas, trouble-shooting issues for Iruvian citizens, diplomatic negotiations and conferences, and cultural events and lectures.

The Dark Cloud considered many options but, being a resourceful lot, the crew chose to make use of the large amount of gunpowder they acquired in the previous score to off their target Syla while also fulfilling Bazso’s condition that “no one living or dead know who killed her and that the victim not know how she died.”

The score was a team effort as Rope and The Hole gathered information on the mark, the Iruvian consulate, and the potential obstacles. Rope made a visit to the Consulate and was successful in obtaining a lot of information about its layout and Syla’s function, living situation, and routine. Importantly, she was quick enough to also grab some stationery and documents with the Iruvian seal and marks. The Hole tracked Syla and followed her when she made a visit to the lair of The Red Sashes.

The Dark Cloud decided to carriage-jack a draftgoat driven cart, plant a bomb in it, and then induce Syla to leave the Consulate and take that carriage to The Red Sashes’ manor. The deception was in the form of a letter informing Syla that there was a problem with her payment and that she was needed at the manor right away.

Using the documents obtained at the Consulate, Rope consulted with Lydra Scandlin on how to forge a convincing letter from the leader of The Red Sashes, Mylera Klev, to Syla, and took advantage of The Hole’s knowledge of the Hadrathi language to convey the right tone of urgency.

Although none of the crew had experience in demolitions, Moriset felt confident that he was crafty enough to devise a bomb that they could plant in the carriage and position the fuse so that the driver could light it and have time to get away. Not knowing how much gunpowder to use for such an endeavor, Moriset chose to use both barrels that they had. The Hole became concerned that Moriset might blow them all up and suggested that, perhaps, they should obtain the advice of a professional. He know just the person, his contact and longtime friend Veleris, a seasoned spy whose many skills include sabotage and explosives. Veleris paid them a visit and tutored Moriset on how to safely assemble the fuse and to pack the powder.

They had the letter and the bomb, now they needed the carriage. A covered carriage would be required given that storms still raged through the city. It was not difficult to find an available cabbie as there were few traveling due to the weather. The red-liveried cabbie picked up passenger Rope. Rope asked the cabbie to share a drink with her but the female cabbie wasn’t interested and firmly declined as she was a teetotaler. Moriset, who had spiked the drink with trance powder, became frustrated that nothing was happening and approached the cart. Taking the cabbie by surprise, he slit open her carotid artery before she, or anyone else, could react. In the process; however, Moriset spooked the draftgoat who took off. The jolt caused Moriset to fall off of the driver’s bench and the runaway carriage careened through the rain with Rope hanging halfway out one of the side doors.

Fortunately, The Hole was positioned to act should everything go sideways. He leapt into the road in front of the wagon and was successful in halting the beast, though, not without a cloven hoof coming down on his foot and breaking his big toe.

From there, everything, for the most part, went according to plan. The forged letter was quite convincing and Syla left the consulate immediately. She was accompanied this time by a masked Iruvian guard.

The dead cabbie’s uniform only fit Rope and so she was the designated driver of the death mobile. She fashioned a crude lock mechanism to use on the cab’s doors to prevent escape but they also planned to drive the cab to an alleyway in Crow’s Foot that was so narrow that the doors wouldn’t be able to open. The Hole was also perched there ready to finish the job with his musket if necessary.

The route from the Consulate to the manor is quite direct and to allay suspicion that they were taking a farther bridge across to Crow’s Foot, Moriset set up some sawhorses (obtained from Jubal’s Workshop) in front of the closer bridge to show that it was closed, ostensibly due to the weather. Syla and her guard did become suspicious at the long route they were taking and Rope had to allay their concerns.

The guard did stick his head out the side door to look back at Rope to warn her that he was watching her. At the same time, out of his mouth came large rings of smoke that blew towards Rope. She was immediately stricken with visions of being wrapped in webbing so tight that she was suffocating. She was lost in a spider’s web and couldn’t breathe. The supernatural shock forced Rope to flee the carriage, but not before she quickly lit the fuse to the bomb and the wagon blew up as she ran away. The explosion was so large that there was nothing left of the carriage, but, strangely, the draftgoat was untouched, though he was completely turned around and stared at Rope as she looked back at the debris.

Back at your lair, Orlin the Orderly informed the crew that there is a wild-eyed draftgoat walking around the Sanitarium grounds…

Session 1 : Scoundrels Commence
A blog for your campaign

The Dark Cloud attended the funeral of Roric, beloved leader of The Crows who killed himself by jumping off the watch tower that is their lair right after he had brokered a truce between The Lampblacks and The Red Sashes. The funeral was in Tangletown and was attended by the top criminals in Crow’s Foot as well as prominent members of the citizenry. A special Spirit Warden crematorium barge was rowed to Tangletown to eviscerate Roric’s spirit and the ceremony was presided over by Father Morris of the Church of the Ecstasy of the Flesh.
Lance Corporal Milos Blackpoole, III (“The LC3s”) conducted security for the event.

The Dark Cloud met with the leader of The Lampblacks, Bazso Bas, on the morning of the funeral. He communicates his suspicion that Mylera Klev, the leader of The Red Sashes, had Roric killed as she has confederates in the Crows who will side with the Red Sashes against the Lampblacks now that Roric is gone.  He wishes to maintain the truce: “It is in our best interest to honor the truce for now but we need something taken care of…”

Bazso wants you to kill Mylera’s contact at the Iruvian Consulate, who’s been funneling money from the Iruvian government to the Red Sashes to keep them going. Her name is Syla Torravesta. Thing is, the target must die but not know how they died. No one living or dead can know who killed her. He offers to pay your expenses for the job and thinks you owe him as The Lampblacks made room for The Dark Cloud in Crow’s Foot.

The night before the funeral, the Dark Cloud met with their deal broker and ally, Lydra Scandlin, who had called you to her office in Silkshore for a meeting with a member of the Red Sashes, Soner Elvi, who gives you a very attractive offer. There is a shipwrights workshop in The Docks that does canal boat repairs named Jubals. It also happens to smuggle gun powder. Soner wants you to remove the head of the operation, a large Severosi named Malkin. “Money’s tight during wartime” but they will give you 3 coin to cover expenses and allow you to take over the operation.


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