Blades Oblique

Crew Status

Post Session 4

Dark Cloud current stats:
Tier 1
0 rep
7 xp
1 heat
4 coin

Note: Every time the crew advances (xp), each PC gets 1 stash (2 per crew Tier) as a bonus payment, to represent pro ts generated by the crew as they’ve been operating. So you should each add 1 coin to your stash.

Previously gained the special ability: Crow’s Veil

Faction Status:
The Goon Squad: +3
Cult of the Maw of the Void: +2
The Fog Hounds: +1
The Gondoliers: +2
The Hive: +1 (was 0)
The Crows: +1
The Red Sashes: +1
The Weeping Lady: +1 (was 0)

Bluecoats: -1
Ulf Ironborn: -1
The Grinders: -1(was 0)
The Brigade: -1
The Iruvian Consulate: -2
The Cabbies: -2

Now at war with:
The Lampblacks: -3
Batty-Fang: -3

Outstanding entanglement: Gang Trouble


If we reduce heat to zero, we earn one rep. I believe our rep should be 4.

Crew Status

If the total heat was increased by two, then the current heat level should be one. Knowing this, I would change my second action from my vice to lowering heat (which would bring it back to zero).

Crew Status

That’s fine. I will adjust it.

Crew Status
Demolissionary Demolissionary

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