Blades Oblique

Session 3 : Tricks and Traps

Where the Lamplax tried to shut us down

- The Trap from the Lamplax
Dials, Saw and Rope went to meet Picket, the lieutenant of Bazobaz in a tavern to get paid for the hit for the Iruvian Embassy.
Short things shorts, it was a trap, they wanted to get rid of us all. Picket, a fake bartender/real killer, a cat and a pair of twins thugs.
In the melee, Saw killed his nemesis the bartender, and put the building in flames. Dials was possessed by a ghost that was in the cat. Rope shot Picket and salvaged a chest with coins and insects.
Also the gang of the Goon’s Squad jumped in, and took over the remaining Lamplax killers., saved Saw from the flames and exorcised Dials’ ghost.
We decided to do an alliance with Rip Frankle of the Goon’s on the spot against the Lamplax.

- The Firebrigade misdirections
In the coming days, we figured that the series of arson in the district was linked to the Lamplax. They paid the gang of the firebrigade to “set” fire to some places to cover all traces. We suspected that our place, or the Library from our contact will be a target.
We got some insight from the captured twins, and prepare a mission to protect the library.
We intercepted the messenger passing the list of targets from the Lamplax to the Firebrigade, and replace the list by other buildings, including some of the Lamplax storage places.
The plan worked well, we redirected the danger, and caused trouble between the 2 allies, then looted the burned places.

Result of the hit and downtime:
- we are getting buddy buddy with the Goons, it may not be pleasant for Hole.
- we got a a bunch of coins, the crew vault is full. We will need some more to trigger a tier advancement. (tier 1 will be nice)
- we could change the crew reputation from " professional" to “not to be fucked with”
- also Rope completed a side project plan for an Antique/Art Heist, it may be a future mission.
- Saw needed some stitches from glass explosions in the bar.


Demolissionary yannk

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