Arthesia Robinson, a.k.a. "Rope"

Spider who has led many double lives.


Player: Yann

Special Ability: Weaving the Web
Heritage: Akoros

Vice: Luxury, pretending to be nobility.
Vice Purveyor: Armand
Friend : Augus Brogan, a master architect
Rival : Jennah, a servant

Experience and Projects :

- Find a heist : 2 segments.


Background : Labor, daughter of factory workers.
She started as a servant in a lesser nobility mansion, the Hildegern, owned by the Bertan Family. She learned to read and educate herself by sneaking up on the personal mentor giving lessons of the family children.
She got accustomed to the rich privilege and it inspired her desire to grow out of her condition using her mind. Or at least pretend being rich, stealing and scheming. 
Look : Woman in her 30’s, Delicate, Fitted Leggings and long vest, hat.

Arthesia Robinson, a.k.a. "Rope"

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