Moriset Bertan, a.k.a. "Mal"

Morbidly inquisitive Leech


Player: Kevin


Special Ability: Venomous
Heritage: Akorosi
Vice: Weird, human experimentation…
Vice Purveyor: Orlin the Orderly at Thistledown Sanitarium.

Friend: Malista the Priestess
Rival: Stazia, an apothecary



Moriset grew up spoiled, not wanting for much…aside from attention.  As the youngest son of a minor noble, he was largely neglected and left to find his own diversions.  Resenting the attention and favor his older siblings were blessed with, he sought ways to strike out that did not require the physical strength his pampered, frail body lacked.  Creeping into his siblings’ rooms at night and sprinkling his various “experiments” into their food and drink, he became a self-taught poisoner.

As his family grew sicker and sicker he eventually emerged as the sole heir of the Bertran family.  But at this point he had he devolved into such an anti-social deviant his position is largely wasted.  Voices whisper to him at all times.  Are these the ghosts of his victims?  Is it the effects of working in such close proximity with foul toxins?  Or is it madness?

He flees his family’s estate, now in such disrepair and finds himself struggling to get by on the streets in Crow’s Foot.

Moriset Bertan, a.k.a. "Mal"

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