Vadim Blokhin a.k.a. "The Saw"

Cutter that is a full service Undertaker


Player: Tyler

Special Ability: Not to be trifled with
Heritage: Skovlan

Vice: Obligation
Vice Purveyor: Malista the Priestess
Friend : Sawtooth, a physicker
Rival : Mercy, a cold killer


Born in Doskvol after his parents ran from their native home in Skovlan, he grew up as an outcast of society. Kept at a distance due to his racial heritage he naturally found himself gravitating to jobs that attract the dregs of society. Always an avid tinker and fascinated with the human body, he found himself drawn to the world of the undertakers where he could avoid the disdain of good society as well practice his more obscene tendencies.

In this period, the science of funeral services was just beginning and the practice of embalming was growing in popularity. He put his practiced hands to work and landed himself a great gig and was at the forefront of his field.

It is at this time that he met his wife Valoria. He met her after attending to the services of a fairly well to do Skovlan family. They furthered their relationship in the following months and eventually ended up getting married. His life was filled with absolute happiness despite his miserable position in society, until the day his wife was stolen from him. She had taken a carriage across town to visit a childhood friend when her carriage was attacked by an anti-Skovlan immigration group. They murdered her slowly and left her body in the street as a political effigy.

Crushed by his loss, angry beyond comprehension and with no one to aim his anger at, he threw himself into his work with reckless abandon and further developed his special embalming method. His novel methods attracted attention and eventually he came into contact with Malista the Priestess whose presence at the mortuary was not infrequent…

[details to be revealed]

…He then decided to look into becoming part of a crew. And now it was official. He was part of the underworld.

Vadim Blokhin a.k.a. "The Saw"

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