Blades Oblique

Session 2 : Real life explosions

The Dark Cloud aims high

As the storm surge results in flooded streets with canal boats replacing carts in many areas and while the wind and rain make travel difficult, The Dark Cloud takes advantage of the adverse conditions with a bold plan…

Baszo Baz of The Lampblacks hired the crew to kill Mylera Klev’s contact at the Iruvian Consulate, who’s been funneling money from the Iruvian government to the The Red Sashes to keep them going. Her name is Syla Torravesta and she is a functionary at the consulate. Baszo had an additional requirement for the job: No one living or dead can know who killed her.

Bazso has told the crew that Mylera had Roric killed as she has confederates in The Crows who will side with The Red Sashes against the Lampblacks now that Roric is gone. Soner Elvie of The Red Sashes; however, told the crew that The Crows second in command, Lyssa, had Roric killed as she has made a deal with Bazso Baz to split the district between them.

The Iruvian Consulate is located in a large manor house in Charterhall. It is decorated with Iruvian tapestries, rugs, and artifacts. In addition to offices, conference rooms, and quarters, there is a small ballroom, chapels, kitchen, and stores. There are no electric lights, only torches and lanterns. Activities at the Consulate include lectures, visas, trouble-shooting issues for Iruvian citizens, diplomatic negotiations and conferences, and cultural events and lectures.

The Dark Cloud considered many options but, being a resourceful lot, the crew chose to make use of the large amount of gunpowder they acquired in the previous score to off their target Syla while also fulfilling Bazso’s condition that “no one living or dead know who killed her and that the victim not know how she died.”

The score was a team effort as Rope and The Hole gathered information on the mark, the Iruvian consulate, and the potential obstacles. Rope made a visit to the Consulate and was successful in obtaining a lot of information about its layout and Syla’s function, living situation, and routine. Importantly, she was quick enough to also grab some stationery and documents with the Iruvian seal and marks. The Hole tracked Syla and followed her when she made a visit to the lair of The Red Sashes.

The Dark Cloud decided to carriage-jack a draftgoat driven cart, plant a bomb in it, and then induce Syla to leave the Consulate and take that carriage to The Red Sashes’ manor. The deception was in the form of a letter informing Syla that there was a problem with her payment and that she was needed at the manor right away.

Using the documents obtained at the Consulate, Rope consulted with Lydra Scandlin on how to forge a convincing letter from the leader of The Red Sashes, Mylera Klev, to Syla, and took advantage of The Hole’s knowledge of the Hadrathi language to convey the right tone of urgency.

Although none of the crew had experience in demolitions, Moriset felt confident that he was crafty enough to devise a bomb that they could plant in the carriage and position the fuse so that the driver could light it and have time to get away. Not knowing how much gunpowder to use for such an endeavor, Moriset chose to use both barrels that they had. The Hole became concerned that Moriset might blow them all up and suggested that, perhaps, they should obtain the advice of a professional. He know just the person, his contact and longtime friend Veleris, a seasoned spy whose many skills include sabotage and explosives. Veleris paid them a visit and tutored Moriset on how to safely assemble the fuse and to pack the powder.

They had the letter and the bomb, now they needed the carriage. A covered carriage would be required given that storms still raged through the city. It was not difficult to find an available cabbie as there were few traveling due to the weather. The red-liveried cabbie picked up passenger Rope. Rope asked the cabbie to share a drink with her but the female cabbie wasn’t interested and firmly declined as she was a teetotaler. Moriset, who had spiked the drink with trance powder, became frustrated that nothing was happening and approached the cart. Taking the cabbie by surprise, he slit open her carotid artery before she, or anyone else, could react. In the process; however, Moriset spooked the draftgoat who took off. The jolt caused Moriset to fall off of the driver’s bench and the runaway carriage careened through the rain with Rope hanging halfway out one of the side doors.

Fortunately, The Hole was positioned to act should everything go sideways. He leapt into the road in front of the wagon and was successful in halting the beast, though, not without a cloven hoof coming down on his foot and breaking his big toe.

From there, everything, for the most part, went according to plan. The forged letter was quite convincing and Syla left the consulate immediately. She was accompanied this time by a masked Iruvian guard.

The dead cabbie’s uniform only fit Rope and so she was the designated driver of the death mobile. She fashioned a crude lock mechanism to use on the cab’s doors to prevent escape but they also planned to drive the cab to an alleyway in Crow’s Foot that was so narrow that the doors wouldn’t be able to open. The Hole was also perched there ready to finish the job with his musket if necessary.

The route from the Consulate to the manor is quite direct and to allay suspicion that they were taking a farther bridge across to Crow’s Foot, Moriset set up some sawhorses (obtained from Jubal’s Workshop) in front of the closer bridge to show that it was closed, ostensibly due to the weather. Syla and her guard did become suspicious at the long route they were taking and Rope had to allay their concerns.

The guard did stick his head out the side door to look back at Rope to warn her that he was watching her. At the same time, out of his mouth came large rings of smoke that blew towards Rope. She was immediately stricken with visions of being wrapped in webbing so tight that she was suffocating. She was lost in a spider’s web and couldn’t breathe. The supernatural shock forced Rope to flee the carriage, but not before she quickly lit the fuse to the bomb and the wagon blew up as she ran away. The explosion was so large that there was nothing left of the carriage, but, strangely, the draftgoat was untouched, though he was completely turned around and stared at Rope as she looked back at the debris.

Back at your lair, Orlin the Orderly informed the crew that there is a wild-eyed draftgoat walking around the Sanitarium grounds…


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