Blades Oblique

Session 1 : Scoundrels Commence
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The Dark Cloud attended the funeral of Roric, beloved leader of The Crows who killed himself by jumping off the watch tower that is their lair right after he had brokered a truce between The Lampblacks and The Red Sashes. The funeral was in Tangletown and was attended by the top criminals in Crow’s Foot as well as prominent members of the citizenry. A special Spirit Warden crematorium barge was rowed to Tangletown to eviscerate Roric’s spirit and the ceremony was presided over by Father Morris of the Church of the Ecstasy of the Flesh.
Lance Corporal Milos Blackpoole, III (“The LC3s”) conducted security for the event.

The Dark Cloud met with the leader of The Lampblacks, Bazso Bas, on the morning of the funeral. He communicates his suspicion that Mylera Klev, the leader of The Red Sashes, had Roric killed as she has confederates in the Crows who will side with the Red Sashes against the Lampblacks now that Roric is gone.  He wishes to maintain the truce: “It is in our best interest to honor the truce for now but we need something taken care of…”

Bazso wants you to kill Mylera’s contact at the Iruvian Consulate, who’s been funneling money from the Iruvian government to the Red Sashes to keep them going. Her name is Syla Torravesta. Thing is, the target must die but not know how they died. No one living or dead can know who killed her. He offers to pay your expenses for the job and thinks you owe him as The Lampblacks made room for The Dark Cloud in Crow’s Foot.

The night before the funeral, the Dark Cloud met with their deal broker and ally, Lydra Scandlin, who had called you to her office in Silkshore for a meeting with a member of the Red Sashes, Soner Elvi, who gives you a very attractive offer. There is a shipwrights workshop in The Docks that does canal boat repairs named Jubals. It also happens to smuggle gun powder. Soner wants you to remove the head of the operation, a large Severosi named Malkin. “Money’s tight during wartime” but they will give you 3 coin to cover expenses and allow you to take over the operation.


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